What a Difference a Day Makes



His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Executive Council, invites you to be part of DAY FOR DUBAI, a new initiative launched by His Highness, to show just what a difference a day of giving can make.

In line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, and to mark 2018 which honors the humanitarian legacy of our founding father His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, DAY FOR DUBAI invites you to dedicate one day a year to meet the needs of our community, preserve our city and protect our environment. You can volunteer with your time, knowledge, or skills, or in any other way you can give back to our city.

Together, we will establish Dubai as the global city of giving and the centre of tolerance and compassion.



There is so much wisdom to gain from spending time with the elderly. Share your time with them to help beat their loneliness and instill in yourself a sense of fulfillment.


Volunteer your time and your skills by reaching out to children, tweens and teens who could use a role model.


Turn you time into a cause for the inclusion and empowerment of People of Determination.


Share your knowledge and skills with those who could use them to add to their lives and grow their minds.


Become a coach in the community and take it upon yourself to share your wisdom, experience and skills to inspire promising futures.


Support those in the community who are ill or in hospital. Care can be shared emotionally or actively but it all counts.


The closer we come together as a community, the stronger our city will be. Discover how you can get involved and active for a good cause.


Getting out and about is healthy for the mind, body and soul. Whether you’re an athlete or sports enthusiast, being active can make a difference.


This is your chance to share your creativity with the community. Be it through singing, acting, dancing or any special talent.


Dubai has a rich flora and fauna environment that we all love to enjoy. Get involved with its conservation and protection of its wildlife.


Dubai is a wonderfully diverse city where people from all over the globe have come to make it their home. Engage in, embrace and celebrate Dubai’s diversity.


If you’re a qualified emergency responder, this is your time to be ready and answer a call for help.


Take your skills out into the world and add value as an international ambassador. You can make a difference in so many ways.


Discover even more ways you can swap some of your time for a smile.



World Day to Combat Drugs

09:00 AM - 6:00 PM | 26.06.2018

Summer courses

09:00 AM - 6:00 PM | 02.07.2018 - 02.08.2018

The Voluntary Program of Dubai Police Lectures

09:00 AM - 12:00 PM | 30.07.2018

Clean the seabed

04:00 AM - 6:00 PM | 16.10.2018

The Book Fair

09:00 AM - 6:00 PM | 18.10.2018 - 24.10.2018



By downloading the Day for Dubai app, you will discover how just 24 hours over this year long initiative can make all the difference through simple acts of kindness in areas in need of a little extra attention.


A Day for Dubai

What is Day for Dubai?

Day for Dubai is an initiative which invites the people of Dubai to give one day of their year back to help those in need.

How do I get involved?

Getting involved in Day for Dubai requires:
  • Registration through the Day for Dubai mobile app or website: www.dayfordubai.com
  • Participating in the volunteering or other opportunities posted on the mobile app and website
  • Suggesting and participating in new volunteering opportunities

Does it have to be a day?

The ultimate goal of this initiative is that each person gives at least a day of their year to help those in need. You can contribute in one go by giving a full day to volunteering activities or spread out your time over the year to complete a day. However, we encourage volunteering to be a lifestyle and commend those who can give more than one day.


How do I register?

Registration happens through the Day for Dubai mobile application or the website page: www.dayfordubai.com

How long does the registration approval take?

The registration approval takes 1-3 working days.

Do I need the app?

The mobile app is made to enhance the user's experience and make volunteering more convenient. However, all of the app's services can also be found on the website: www.dayfordubai.com

Does it cost to participate?

Participation in Day for Dubai is free of charge.


What do volunteers do?

Volunteers donate their time to various causes, depending on interests, skills, passions and needs. Volunteering domains include:
  1. Elderly
  2. Children and Youth
  3. People of Determination
  4. Education
  5. Mentoring
  6. Health
  7. Community Support
  8. Sports and Recreation
  9. Culture and Arts
  10. Environment and Wildlife
  11. Tolerance and Hope
  12. Emergency Preparedness
  13. International Volunteering
  14. Others

What type of volunteers are you looking for?

We believe that any person, regardless of their age and background, can volunteer by dedicating their time for a cause. The volunteering categories domains are quite diverse, and open to every person’s contributions.

Can I just donate money for the cause?

The Day for Dubai initiative is mostly centered about giving those in need your time not money.

How do I apply my skills to volunteering?

Some of the tasks have specific skill requirements which may be applicable to you. In these cases, you can find and volunteer for tasks which match your skills on the Day for Dubai app.

Where/ what areas can I volunteer in?

Volunteering opportunities and locations will be posted on the Day for Dubai app and website on a regular basis. So, stay tuned!

How can I get my company to support?

Companies can register to volunteer through the registration button on the Day for Dubai app or website.

Can my kids get involved?

Kids (under 18 years of age) can get involved in the initiative provided they are at least 6 years of age and possess a written parental consent.

Will I get paid?

Volunteering is a chargeless act.


How can I find the events?

Events can be found on:
  • The "Volunteering Calendar" section of the Day for Dubai mobile application
  • The "Volunteering Calendar" section of the www.dayfordubai.com website

How do I get more information on an event that I am interested in?

More information on events can be found on:
  • The "Volunteering Initiatives" section of the Day for Dubai mobile application
  • The "Volunteering Initiatives" section of the www.dayfordubai.com website

Do I have to register to an event? Or can I just show up?

Attendance to an event requires registration unless mentioned otherwise in the event description.

How do I cancel if I change my mind or can't make it?

Cancellations are required at least 48 hours before the event date.

Can I get friends who are not registered with me to an event?

Attendance to an event requires registration unless mentioned otherwise in the event description.

Can I suggest my own volunteering event?

Yes, you are encouraged to submit your volunteering ideas to: [email protected]

I want to speak to the Call Center. Who can I call?

The Day for Dubai Call Center can be reached through their toll free number: 800928264



Your suggestions and feedback are welcome on:
Email: [email protected]
Free Toll Number: 800 928264

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